Comparative Analysis of Data Visualization Techniques in Financial Decision-Making


  • T. Chan Hong Central South University, Changsha, China Author


Financial decision-making, data visualization techniques, comparative analysis.


This study delves into the realm of financial decision-making, employing a comparative analysis of various data visualization techniques. The objective is to scrutinize the effectiveness of different visualization methods in conveying complex financial information to decision-makers. By exploring diverse approaches, including charts, graphs, and interactive visualizations, the research aims to identify optimal strategies for enhancing comprehension and facilitating informed decision-making in the dynamic and intricate landscape of finance. Through systematic evaluation and comparison, this study aspires to contribute valuable insights that can guide the selection of appropriate data visualization tools for financial professionals, ultimately improving the precision and efficiency of their decision-making processes.




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Comparative Analysis of Data Visualization Techniques in Financial Decision-Making. (2018). International Journal of Business Management and Visuals, ISSN: 3006-2705, 1(1), 6-9.

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