Behaviour Study of Bicycle Riders on Highway


  • Prof. V B Kulkarni, Prof. Dhananajay A S, Prof. Shilpa Mahajan, Prof. Poonam Nandihalli Author


Bicycle riders, highways, infrastructure design, safety interventions, behavioral factors, mode choice, cycling safety, intersection safety, route infrastructure, active transportation, urban mobility.


This paper provides a comprehensive literature review on the behavior of bicycle riders on highways, exploring various aspects including infrastructure design, safety interventions, and behavioral factors influencing mode choice. Drawing from a diverse array of studies published before 2018, this review synthesizes insights into the complex interactions between cyclists and roadway environments. Infrastructure planning and design emerge as critical determinants of cyclist safety, with dedicated bicycle lanes and paths playing a key role in promoting safe and accessible cycling facilities. Intersection safety and the impact of route infrastructure on bicyclist injuries are also examined, emphasizing the importance of targeted interventions to mitigate safety risks. Additionally, behavioral factors such as travel time preferences and the health benefits of cycling are discussed, highlighting the need for holistic approaches to promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation. By synthesizing insights from these studies, this review informs policymakers and transportation planners in their efforts to enhance cycling safety, encourage active transportation, and create more sustainable urban environments.




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Behaviour Study of Bicycle Riders on Highway. (2020). International Journal of Business Management and Visuals, ISSN: 3006-2705, 3(2), 27-32.

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