Navigating Global Turbulence: Strategies for Sustainable International Business Management


  • Prof. Chunhua Liu The Chinese University of Hong Kong Author


global environment, global turbulence, unforeseen disruptions


In an era characterized by unprecedented global challenges and uncertainties, businesses engaging in international operations must navigate a landscape marked by economic volatility, geopolitical shifts, and environmental concerns. This abstract outlines the key strategies for sustainable international business management amidst this turbulence. The paper begins by analyzing the current global landscape, identifying major sources of turbulence affecting international businesses. Economic fluctuations, trade tensions, political instability, and climate change are among the critical factors explored. Understanding these dynamics forms the foundation for developing effective strategies. Next, the paper explores proactive approaches to mitigate risks and enhance resilience in international business operations. Strategic diversification, agile supply chain management, and robust risk assessment frameworks emerge as critical components. Emphasizing the importance of scenario planning, the paper advocates for adaptive strategies that can withstand unforeseen disruptions.




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Navigating Global Turbulence: Strategies for Sustainable International Business Management. (2018). International Journal of Business Management and Visuals, ISSN: 3006-2705, 1(2), 24-29.

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