Dark Tourism: Exploring the Phenomenon of Visiting Tragedy Sites


  • Jin Yangxin Hongkong Shue Yan University Author


Tragedy Sites, travel experiences, historical understanding


Dark tourism, a multifaceted and intriguing phenomenon, involves the exploration of sites associated with tragedy, death, and suffering. This research seeks to delve into the motivations, experiences, and ethical considerations surrounding individuals who engage in dark tourism. By examining the psychological, cultural, and historical aspects that drive this phenomenon, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of why people are drawn to visit places with dark and tragic histories. The study employs a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative interviews with dark tourists and quantitative surveys to capture a comprehensive picture of their motivations and perceptions. Preliminary findings suggest a range of factors influencing dark tourism engagement, including a desire for historical understanding, a fascination with morbidity, and a quest for authenticity in travel experiences.




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