Trends in Sustainable and Ethical Consumption


  • Prof. Michael Leung Lingnan University, Hong Kong Author


ethical commitments, global marketplace, collaborative efforts


This paper explores the evolving landscape of sustainable and ethical consumption, shedding light on emerging trends that influence consumer behavior. As global awareness of environmental and social issues continues to grow, consumers are increasingly seeking products and services that align with their values. The paper synthesizes current research and industry insights to analyze key drivers behind the surge in sustainable and ethical consumption. The first section examines the environmental impact of consumption patterns, discussing how climate change, resource depletion, and pollution have propelled consumers to prioritize sustainable options. It delves into the rise of eco-friendly products, circular economies, and the adoption of green technologies across various industries. The second section focuses on the social aspects of ethical consumption, emphasizing the role of transparency, fair labor practices, and social responsibility in shaping consumer choices. It explores the impact of social media and digital platforms in empowering consumers to hold businesses accountable for their ethical commitments.




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Trends in Sustainable and Ethical Consumption. (2022). International Journal of Business Management and Visuals, ISSN: 3006-2705, 5(2), 30-36.

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