Weaving the Web of Style: Silk’s Transition into the Digital Age


  • Bharati Rathore Rajasthan University Author


Fashion Technology, Digital Era, Tech Luxury, Smart Textile, AR, VR.


The ongoing study elucidates the profound transformation happening in the world of fashion as it merges with technology, a shift from tactile silk to our digital sensors. This comprehensive study explores the intersection of fashion, digital technology, and consumer behavior in the rapidly progressing digital age. We present an in-depth analysis of the current evolution in fabrics and textiles that are no longer confined to aesthetic appeals and comfort, but also double as wearable devices monitoring varied aspects of our health and environment. This study breaks down this advancement into two eras: The Silk Era, defined by traditional fashion paradigms, and the digital Sensor Era, depicted by smart textiles, IoT, and AI intervention. In this new realm of fashion-tech, encapsulating digital-artwear, tech-luxury, and bespoke-customization, the synthesis of style and functionality characterizes future trends. We also delve into the ethical implications of privacy and data security, as personal information is increasingly woven into our wardrobes. Our paramount aim is to provide designers, retailers, technologists, and policy-makers with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented in this digital era of style.





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